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Vincent IT offering end 2 end IT services to help customer to get complete working solutions of their requirements , our some of the out of box solutions/products can same you lots of time and cost in implementing these products in your organization.


Continuously change in technology make difficult for organization to keep up with the change, finding right team for development, cost , Data entry, digitization , IT support. iCompete is complete solution to address any coaching institute, school, college to run their own independent platform , custom mobile apps on IOS , Android and Web giving you extra edge on your offering to the students. Offer Analytics on all exams taken by students. Backend provide detail reports on downloads and test performance by each students.


Type2companion is unique products ERP solution with mobile apps for doctors, patient, educators, pharmacy. Reports to see development on daily basis, Mobile app for patient keep them connected with hospital and doctors . Patient can now see enter daily data and also communicate with doctor on real time . Doctor can change prescription and patient can be notified without need to come to hospital. Easy review can be giving over the phone and reports can also be submitted over the phone.


Client has requirement to automate the work assignment, completion and billing modules. Company take contract from large agencies and then user their team as well as subcontractor to complete the job on daily basis. Company provide cleaning, electrical and other maintenance work to many locations on daily basis and each location has different requirements and supply . Costing is done based on work performed in each location. Such work performed before or after business hours and this required to track each time cleaning company reach the building, left the building etc.


Solution for security agencies , NGO, Justice dept to connect with their citizen and reach them, help them in fastest manner. Common man can report incident using his mobile without need of registering. Agency can see the incident report and drive to the location. It immediately show on the city map as soon as reported. Socially aware people can report incidents related to anything around it .


The Medical Guide to Culture app gives you the precise details about countries, regions, and religions without having to filter through pages and pages of information. This app has the details you need to be the best in your field whether it be emergency, end-of-life, obstetrics, inpatient, primary care, traveling abroad, and everything in between. Everyone in healthcare needs the Medical Guide to Culture app in order to give the absolute best possible care to their patients regardless of culture or religious background.


on ipad/tablet for all kind of businesses needed. business can upload inventory , set price , offer discount. receive payment, print invoice. This solution we developed for cleaning company with one or more locations.Custom menu configuration to match your menu flow. Each workstation comes equipped with a fingerprint reader on the side of the terminal, eliminating the guesswork to determine which employee took an order. Red light/green light modifications, Custom menu icon graphics, Intuitive order entry screen layout, so simple you already know how to use it, Edit any item without deletion or re-entry, Unlimited number of custom order types, Unlimited menu size, Estimated order time calculation, Robust order lookup, Customize order screen by POS terminal or employee.


E-Commerce websites by our ecommerce web development experts have proven to be some of the best on the web. Our websites are easy to use, simple to manage and allow your company to sell products or services online. Each website from our E-Commerce web development solutions are professionally designed & programmed to match your business' needs & goals.



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