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Vincent IT put great time understanding user's and business requirement, developing optimized flow to create great user experience. Coding to unitize maximum resources, quality to reduce maintenance cost. Research memory issues as sometime application behave normal but app started getting slow as user keep working on app as memory at backside of the app not getting cleaned.

Understanding app user is another very important aspect of accepting application by user, app may be great but if is not appealing to mobile users, it get removed from system quickly.

Vincent IT takes great pride to furnish extensive web, desktop and mobility solutions to their clients worldwide. As being market leader, we identify with the importance of every business and always facilitate a grand periphery to make it effectively embryonic into the particular market. Being into the same domain from last few years, we have just been established an extensive reputation and various projects also have been executed successfully via our end. To showcase our aptitude to foster any business in augmented manner, we like our working incident to be collective among the people visiting to us and this is something that will leave better impact in a gainful way.


Vincent IT put their great time understanding with the development of iCompete project that is compatible with leading mobile platforms including Android,iOS,Windows and Web application.

Challenge : Provide a well integrated assessment system for students of each age group to access best contents from top institutes , teachers and faculties.

Vincent IT development team created user cases for each users. Provide backend on web to upload the data, tag it and create tests as per the need. Students provided mobile app as well as web interface to search . Interactive analytics to give simple and in depth analysis of their learning progress, weak areas as well as dynamic test to create test of week area.Interactive graph allow to check daily, weekly and monthly progress. Great design, fast response and easy user flow keep user attached tot he product.

Platform : iPhone, Ipad, Android Tablet, Android pHone and Web interface.

Development Team:Vincent IT development team created user cases for each users. Provide backend on web to upload the data, tag it and create tests as per the need. Students provided mobile app as well as web interface to search . Interactive analytics to give simple and in depth analysis of their learning progress, weak areas as well as dynamic test to create test of week area.Interactive graph allow to check daily, weekly and monthly progress. Great design, fast response and easy user flow keep user attached tot he product.
iCompete is a distinguished application for students to score well in their competitive exams like IIT/JEE, Medical, SSC, Bank, Railways etc. With the availability of exam patterns and test series of all streams, students can get an access of world class study stuff to edge their proficiency and to crack their exams more effectively. With the availability in various tablets, students can pursue their practice test papers on to their tablets and use it further in their own way by accessing high quality content provided by leading publishing houses and institutes of the nation. The application works excellent in offline mode thus helping students to access all their previous test records with highly sophisticated feature institute level as well as all India rankings and even more without relying upon the internet coverage This platform has been developed to unwind the opportunities for the students to get the practice with best contents provided by best publishing houses


REALTIME SERVICE SOFTWARE’s Workforce Enablement is a tool that benefits both the customer and the vendor in the janitorial, landscape, or mechanical engineering relationship. It provides definitive proof of accountability and performance, eliminating the need to constantly oversee work completion. To begin, our experts analyse each space individually to provide a customized set of smart specifications. Each facility has different needs and it’s difficult to determine them in a broad scope. Once the initial analysis is complete, daily, weekly, and other periodic tasks are broken down and given an assigned cost based on a percentage of the total contract. Those tasks then become a preloaded check list for each location.


  • Manage workforce live based on geo location
  • Can report problem of changed work immediately and also new work get added into billing from the work location.
  • Facility manager can keep watch on work in progress on each job.
  • History, new work items and complete work flow implemented.
  • Create schedule for each site
  • Create and assign customers to contractor
  • Contractor can manage jobsites and crew
  • Work delivered directly to the mobile of worker on daily basis
  • Manager can get live update as work progress

Development Team:Mobile App for geo tracking the working team, Geo fence the location and when user reach to the building to scan the barcode to start the clock. work see exact list of tasks to be performed, using mobile app user can enter the each task completion , report problem with pictures and geo tag. Once worker leave location , app automatically close the edit mode of the app to avoid entering update without proper work.


Mamta Abhiyaan a massive historical and ambitious effort to reduce mother and child deaths (IMR, MMR) and reduce TFR in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India, focuses on 12 simple life saving practices and increasing those behaviors in the population.

Mamta Rath is the vehicle of this ambitious Mamta Abhiyaan. Mamta Rath is not just communication outreach. Mamta Rath is community mobilization and dialogic communica- tion linked to services. The charkha was the symbol of Mahatma Gandhi’s Swatantrata Andolan. Mamta Rath the symbol, channel, and platform of Mamta Abhiyan will successfully become a Mamta Andolan and transform Madhya Pradesh.

Vision of Mamta Rath

  • Successful negotiation with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, GoI lead to funding support of Mamta Raths in current financial year PIP
  • Reach: Mamta Rath is currently running in all 313 blocks in 51 districts. It has covered 12,500 villages and 313,000 audiences in a span of 50 days. The plan is to cover all the villages on six monthly basis.
  • Social mobilization: 313,000 audiences that include adolescents, mothers and men have been mobilized till date for dialogic communication across 12 life-saving critical behaviors.
  • Group Counseling sessions- 12,500 counseling sessions held with audiences in villages across the issue of routine immunization, ANC check-up, anemia in adolescents and women, hand washing and menstrual hygiene through use of interpersonal communication (IPC) and group counseling.

Service delivery: 42.5 % of the women had received IFA tablets as a component of ANC services, 25.3% of the children between 6 months to 3 years were given ORS, and 48% of the population adopted birth control measures throughout Madhya Pradesh.In those 12,500 villages, Approx. 2200 women have been given IFA tablets through Mamta Rath alone, 5000 children received ORS packets , 4000 couples counseled for family planning methods and received contraceptives. 350 high risk pregnant women were counseled and referred to medical facilities. Reaching villages with a simple message that to save mothers we have to change our practices in the family (Sneha), in the community (Suraksha) and in our health institutions (Samman). Prevent all delays in seeking medical care and adopt healthy practices. One key benefit of Mamta Rath is that it is bringing communities and health department closer.


Eyewitness is brought forth by Vincent it to give society a virtual witness where people can live in secure atmosphere where there are less crime happenings and fragrance of the freedom is widespread. It is a mobile application that works fine in android, iOS and Windows platforms to allow people to upload the incidents and to keep them alive until they are not getting resolved in effective manner. Application receives data in video, images and audio format further being highly practical and user friendly.

Users do not need an internet connection but they can capture the incident and it will be automatically uploaded to server once the device is coming on network range. It is an innovative app facilitating to a common man to report against all sorts of aberrant practices without any manipulation or tempering. Eyewitness is a revolutionary app facilitating a common man to report any social problem or crime and draw the attention of the relevant authorities. With the availability of eyewitness in multiple mobile platforms, it will bring the awareness and vigilance in the society against various covered or uncovered wrong practices, crimes or incidents.

As being a Vincent IT product, eyewitness is armed with all those features essentially needed by general public to protest against the crime scenes and to make the city clean and peaceful. Availability in three mobile platforms will combine people to capture the incident onto their devices that will automatically move towards the eyewitness server and it will be live among the people of entire arena. People can further demand for their justice and can drag the attention of authorities towards appropriate resolution in effective ways.


Beside customer applications VincentIT have their own products. “ArtiSangrah” comes with largest collections of Arties on iPhone and Android phones. Application should also provide information about each God, their faith, mantras etc.

Navaratri is a grand celebration to commemorate the Goddess of Power- MaaDurga. ArtiShri Ganesh jiki, Shri Hanuman ji, Maa Laxmi ji ,MaaDurgaji, Shri Ram ji, Shiv ji, Krishanji. This release is devoted for Lord Ganesh and made especially for chaturthi.

Effect provided in this application.

  • You can change the different font styles/sizes of aarti’s text.
  • Hindi/English both version of arti’s text are available.
  • Short description of different deities.
  • Attractive media player.
  • Application work offline.